About us

Founded in 1981, Kurtz Ersa, Inc. adresses the needs of Ersa and Kurtz customers in the USMCA region with a skilled team of technicians, engineers and sales specialists.



Committed to long-term objectives - and our vision: "Our technological advantage optimizes the manufacturing processes of our customers."

Facts & Figures

Kurtz North America and the Kurtz Ersa Corporation in figures: compact and clear - turnover, number of employees, locations and more.


We all have to do our part to protect and preserve the environment. As a producing company we have a particular responsibility and must not pollute the environment more than necessary.

Kurtz Ersa History

Future needs tradition - the history of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation starts in 1779 with the iron hammer in Hasloch.

Electronics Production Equipment

Global Connections. Strong Technologies and Systems for the Electronics Production.

Moulding Machines

Metallic 3D laser printing and high-performance foundry and particle foam machines.