Kurtz Automotive Solutions

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The automotive industry is characterized by high innovation pressure, enormous technological demands and an extremely dynamic market. Lightweight construction is the focus of public discussion, especially due to electromobility.

This is where numerous chassis and structural parts made of aluminum come into play. Aluminum is the most widely used light metal with excellent mechanical properties and a weight-specific high energy absorption capacity.



Materials for lightweight construction. Conserving resources for our future!

Low-Pressure Casting

Whether low-pressure die casting with aluminum or magnesium alloy or demanding casting in lost molds – you will find sustainable solutions at Kurtz Foundry Machines!

Gravity Casting

Powerful gravity and tilt casting machines from Kurtz

Trimming Technology

From sliding table presses to column presses to C-presses – with Kurtz technology always perfectly equipped for any form of trimming.

Kurtz Turnkey

From part development to the finished machined casting – your complete solution from the system supplier for casting technology.

Kurtz POWerBoard

Increase OEE with Industrial Internet of Things and the control tool Kurtz POWerBoard.