KNA Special Deal: Ersa i-CON VARIO 4

BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE - limited time offer, be quick!

The i-CON VARIO 4 multichannel soldering and desoldering station meets even the most stringent demands placed on pro soldering and desoldering equipment.

The flagship of the Ersa i-CON family offers the user four soldering tools for demanding soldering tasks simultaneously (at full power!):

  • Ergonomic 200 W i-TOOL AIR S hot air pencil
  • Powerful 150 W i-TOOL soldering iron
  • 80 W CHIP TOOL VARIO desoldering tweezers
  • 150 W X-TOOL VARIO desoldering iron

Technical Highlights i-CON VARIO 4:

  • Intuitive one-touch push button and large multifunctional displays
  • Audio and visual indication of ideal solder joint temperature via process window set points
  • Intelligent power management for dynamic power distribution
  • Extremely silent blow air supply for i-TOOL AIR S
  • Integrated interface to solder fume extraction unit, heating plate and PC
  • Antistatic design


To place your order please contact your local distributor or get in touch with:

Pam Gnacinski
Ersa North America
Phone: 920-892-9245