Kurtz Ersa Expands Its Process and Sales Support Team in North and South America

Eusebio Calva - Process and Sales Support Engineer
Eusebio Calva - Process and Sales Support Engineer

Kurtz Ersa North America, a leading supplier of particle foam machinery, electronics, and foundry equipment, today announced that it has hired Eusebio Calva to join the company’s process and sales support engineering team. Based out of Guadalajara, Eusebio will service Kurtz customers from Canada to South America. 


Marcelino Espelosin, General Manager for Kurtz Ersa NA commented, “With the addition of Eusebio, we will be able to better serve our business partners. Kurtz is already a well-known partner for innovation and establishing new market trends, and with the support of Eusebio we will be able to further maximize efficiency in combination with state of the art technology.”


Eusebio has been in the EPS industry for over 30 years, with BASF and Styropek, where he refined his skills and process knowledge over his tenure. After three decades working with beads he is excited to join the Kurtz Ersa team, making our machines and processes even more valuable for our business partners.


Eusebio’s responsibilities will include developing new training programs and supporting our sales team for process related questions and improvements.  He will be the key contact for all process related questions and will be a valuable resource for improving productivity and quality in molding operations from Canada to South America. 


Mr. Calva information:

Email: Eusebio.Calva@Kurtzersa.com

Phone: +52 1 (33) 2353-5045