Ersa to Introduce XL Rework and Selective at APEX

Ersa HR 600 XL for Big Boards
Ersa HR 600 XL for Big Boards
VERSAFLOW 4XL: PCB formats of up to 610 x 1,200 mm

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Plymouth, 01/10/2019
Kurtz Ersa, Inc. will exhibit at the 2019 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Jan. 29-31 at the San Diego Convention Center in CA. The company will introduce the HR 600 XL and the VERSAFLOW 4 XL with VERSAFLEX in Booth #2706.

With the Ersa HR 600 XL it is possible to professionally rework BTC components on big board assemblies. Boasting a heated area of 24 x 24 inch and a PCB thickness of up to 10 mm opens up rework capabilities in the segments of telecommunication, network and infrastructure. The HR 600 XL features a bottom-side IR Matrix heater™ with a total power of 15 kW that consists of 25 individually controllable heating elements. For each application the ideal heat distribution can be set. The highly efficient 800 W hybrid heating head executes the component desoldering or installation from chip resistors to 60 x 60 mm (2.36 x 2.36 inch) BGAs or sockets in well-known Ersa quality.

The VERSAFLOW 4XL is designed for PCB sizes of up to 610 x 1,200 mm. This selective soldering system provides a revolutionary new dimension of flexibility and application variety – at the highest soldering quality. PCB formats of up to 610 x 1,200 mm can be soldered efficiently and safely with the VERSAFLOW 4 XL, making it a perfect system for large, highly integrated assemblies or LED applications. Featuring the completely new VERSAFLUX flux module and VERSAFLEX solder module, the VERSAFLOW 4 XL is extremely flexible and manages most diverse solder jobs.

Ersa also will display the VERSAFLOW 4/55 selective soldering system, SMARTFLOW 2020 selective soldering system, HOTFLOW 3/20 reflow oven, POWERFLOW, VERSAPRINT 2 Ultra3 with the latest measuring technology via 3D camera, and HR 550 and HR 600/2 rework systems. Additionally, the company will show automation solutions (conveyors, lifts, etc.), as well as hand tools.