Ersa Hires Chris Curole as North American Printer Product Manager

Chris Curole - North America Printer Product Manager
Chris Curole - North America Printer Product Manager

Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, today announced that it has hired Chris Curole as its NA Printer Product Manager. Curole comes to Ersa from MYCRONIC, Inc. where he worked as an Applications Engineer for the last 7 years. Prior to that he worked for VITRONICS SOLTEC for 16 years.


Curole brings technical and customer service experience in manufacturing jet printer, wave, reflow and selective soldering equipment. He has extensive experience in developing circuit board soldering processes. Curole has strong troubleshooting skills in the areas of electrical, mechanical, software, hydraulic and pneumatic controls.


In his prior positions, Curole has improved customer satisfaction and reduced warranty costs by 75 percent with permanent engineering changes. With experience in developing and delivering training materials and programs, he is a perfect fit to lead Ersa’s NA printer sales.


Kurtz Ersa Inc. Vice President of Sales, Ernie Grice said, “Chris’ tenure in the electronics division has provided him a wealth of knowledge and awarded him a stellar reputation in the industry.  We are very happy to have him on our team!”