Kurtz Ersa Mexico to Participate in SMTA Queretaro Expo

Juriquilla, QR 76230, 07/12/2018
Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 550
Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 550

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Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 550

Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, today announced plans to exhibit at the SMTA Queretaro Table Top Exhibition & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Thursday, July 12 at the Hotel Mision Juriquilla in Mexico.


The Kurtz Ersa Inc. subsidiary, Kurtz Ersa Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. operates a central warehouse, along with a demo facility for the Ersa Division and general sales offices. The quick response times offered, combined with the competent service through local, Spanish-speaking personnel, allow Kurtz Ersa to stand out favorably from the competition.   


Ersa is one of the world’s largest suppliers for rework, inspection and hand soldering equipment. In addition to offering an outstanding cost/price ratio, Ersa systems have established their position in the market because they continue to deliver the best results on the most challenging rework applications.


For example, the HR 550 hybrid rework system features a 1,500W high performance hybrid heating element to desolder and solder SMT components up to 70 x 70 mm. A 2,400 W infrared bottom heater in three heating zones guarantees homogeneous bottom-side preheating of the complete assembly. The system addresses all users with the highest requirements in terms of precision and process safety in electronic assembly rework applications.



Queretaro Expo & Tech Forum

Mision Grand Juriquilla, Queretaro

Blvd Villas Del Meson 56

Juriquilla, QR 76230