Guided Hybrid Rework For Professionals from Kurtz Ersa Inc.

Independence (Cleveland), OH 44131, 07/12/2018
Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 550
Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 550

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Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 550

Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, today announced that plans to exhibit at the SMTA Ohio Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the Embassy Suites Cleveland Rockside in Cleveland. The company will highlight the award-winning HR 550 Ersa Hybrid Rework System.


The newly developed HR 550 offers high performance for professionals – with camera and software –assisted assembly placement, high-precision mechanics and a completely new operator-friendly user interface.


Over the past two decades, rework and repair of electronic assemblies has been one of the most exciting and challenging undertakings in the industry. Ersa rework systems have proven themselves to be the undisputed leaders in handling the largest variety of rework applications. From the smallest 0201 up to the largest SMT connector (120 mm), from SMT Flip-Chips to THT Pin Grid Arrays, from BGA on flex circuit to stacked BGAs and from metal shields to plastic processor sockets, the safe Ersa technology handles it all.


The Ersa hybrid rework system addresses all users with highest requirements in terms of precision and process safety in electronic assembly rework applications. The HR 550 provides a 1,500W high performance hybrid heating element to desolder and solder SMT components up to dimensions of 70 x 70 mm.



Ohio Expo & Tech Forum

Embassy Suites Cleveland Rockside

5800 Rockside Woods Boulevard

Independence (Cleveland), OH 44131