Water – our most important resource

RF process saves over 4 million liters of water per year

Water – our most important resource. Save up to 100% water with the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER
Water – our most important resource. Save up to 100% water with the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER
Help us save water. 12,000 liters less with the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER

Kreuzwertheim, 01.12.2020

Water is the origin of all life on earth. However, the fact that water is finite is particularly noticeable on continents with high temperatures like Africa, where it has become a very scarce commodity. But even in modern industrialized countries, water is not endlessly available. The industrial sector can play a major role in ensuring that water is used more carefully. New processes are being developed; new technologies are emerging. The climate must be protected, and global warming stopped. The wasteful use of water must come to an end, its use must be heavily reduced wherever possible.


Kurtz GmbH supplies water-saving technology

Since water is urgently needed in so many places, the development team at Kurtz GmbH spent months working on a steam-free production process for molded parts made of particle foams. The result is the radio frequency fusion process of the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER. For the plastics industry this is the first repeatable manufacturing process in the sense of a holistic climate protection concept. The production of molded parts by means of radiofrequency is highly efficient, economical and with 90% energy savings extremely low in energy consumption. In addition, Kurtz Ersa's new RF fusion process, which works with electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency area, can be used for a much wider range of materials than it is possible with the conventional steam process, including biodegradable and recycled material. And all this with a 70% reduced CO2 footprint.


RF fusion technology saves up to 100% water

With the new RF technology, Kurtz GmbH contributes to a more economical use of the resource water in the production environment. The twice award-winning RF process can process polar materials, such as E-TPU, E-PET and E-PLA, completely without water. The saving is a smooth 100%. Non-polar materials such as EPS, EPP and EPE are processed with steam using only 10% of the water required by the conventional processing method. This means a saving of at least 90% with the RF technology of Kurtz Ersa.


Water usage free for essential use

The average steam consumption of a steam engine is at least 10 kg per cycle. About 60 cycles can be run in one hour. This corresponds to 600 kg of steam or 600 liters of water, which must be used per hour. During a three-shift operation (measured 22h) a daily water consumption of approximately 13,200 liters is obtained. With a water saving of 90% and more by the RF fusion process, at least 11,880 liters of water are thus saved. According to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V., an adult should consume about 1.5 liters of liquid per day in the form of beverages. A Kurtz WAVE FOAMER saves about 12,000 liters of water per day. Based on a rounded-up daily fluid requirement of an adult of two liters per day, this results in a supply of drinking water for 6,000 people in exchange. All in all, within one year, with just one Kurtz WAVE FOAMER, more than four million liters of water can be saved! 


The protection of our earth and the creatures that inhabit it concerns us all and should be of highest priority for each of us. We must act, now. For us and for the future of our children. Make water conservation a top priority in your company. Save today, gain tomorrow. With the sustainable RF fusion process of Kurtz GmbH you can fundamentally reduce the water consumption of your company and make your contribution to climate protection.


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