Kurtz Ersa establishes 100% subsidiary in India

Kurtz Ersa India – Smart Production Technologies Private Limited establishes headquarters in Bangalore

Rainer Krauss, CEO Kurtz Ersa India – Smart Production Technologies Private Limited
Rainer Krauss, CEO Kurtz Ersa India – Smart Production Technologies Private Limited

Kreuzwertheim/Bangalore, 01.08.2021
With “Kurtz Ersa India – Smart Production Technologies Private Limited”, the tenth international subsidiary of the machine manufacturer Kurtz Ersa is launched. Headquarters of the Indian subsidiary Kurtz Ersa India is Bangalore, where a perfectly equipped Demo Center with high-tech Ersa soldering systems is available. With a comprehensive spectrum from technology training to short-term realization of production lines, Kurtz Ersa India supports its customers – whether expanding manufacturing to world-class levels or reducing dependencies in other markets.

“We are very pleased to celebrate the opening of the Indian subsidiary in the year of Ersa GmbH´s 100th anniversary. This reflects the importance of India in our global expansion plans and marks a new chapter in the partnership between German technology and Indian entrepreneurship, which we hope to support through this new venture,” said Rainer Krauss, Ersa Global Sales Manager and CEO of Kurtz Ersa India, explaining the reasons for opening the Indian office. For almost 35 years now, Kurtz Ersa has been effectively represented on the Indian subcontinent by its partner Bergen Associates.


More than 150 employees are spread across the country to efficiently support Indian electronics manufacturing. Forecasts predict high double-digit growth for the Indian market and electronics manufacturing in the coming years. The same applies to PCB assembly, which, according to one study, will be worth USD 87 billion by 2025 (currently USD 16 billion). With process-efficient Ersa soldering solutions based on excellent thermal performance, highest machine availability and low operating costs, customers have the best prerequisites to sustainably leverage this potential in India in the coming years.