Ersa Holds National Sales Meeting with Hands on Training

Kurtz Ersa Inc. 2018 Sales Meeting | Plymouth, WI
Kurtz Ersa Inc. 2018 Sales Meeting | Plymouth, WI

Plymouth, WI — May 2018 — Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, today announced that it held a successful sales meeting with hands on training for its North American sales representatives. The training was held May 16-17, 2018 at the company’s Plymouth facility and kicked off with a welcome speech from Albrecht Beck, President and CFO of Kurtz Ersa Inc.


Beck, along with VP Ernie Grice, presented the company’s current sales successes and key corporate data, followed by the portfolio of tools and machines. The main focus of the two-day event was on hands-on training on the machines, rework and optical control systems. Kurtz Ersa Inc.’s application and demonstration center in Plymouth is ideally equipped for training: in the area of selective soldering with a SMARTFLOW 2020, VERSAFLOW 3/45 and the flagship VERSAFLOW 4/55. The application center has two of the VERSAFLOW 4/55 machines for customer demonstrations, one of which features the extremely flexible VERSAFLEX selective soldering module. In addition, the HOTFLOW 3/20 N2 reflow soldering system, the POWERFLOW wave soldering system and, the most recent addition, the VERSAPRINT 2 Ultra³ stencil printer are available.


In the area of tools, Product Manager Todd DeZwarte and his team held training on the HR 550, HR 600 and IP XL rework systems and the ERSASCOPE systems. The benefits and features of the individual machines and systems were discussed in multiple groups. The teams changed around every hour. “As WebEx demonstrations via the internet are becoming ever more important in a large territory like the US, we also presented this live, using the example of a rework demonstration on the HR 600,” stated DeZwarte.

Kurtz Ersa customers and North American representatives benefited from the extremely informative demonstrations. The two-day meeting ended on Wednesday afternoon and the highly-motivated representatives are looking forward to the next detailed discussions with customers.

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