Leisure & Sports

Bicycle helmets

Modern bicycle helmets protect the head, can easily be adjusted and are comfortable. The production of modern helmets presents much of a challenge for the producers. Kurtz has the necessary know-how and offers the perfect equipment to secure an efficient production. Most of the bicycle helmets offered worldwide are produced on Kurtz Shape Moulding Machines.



Infinergy® (E-TPU)

Infinergy® from BASF SE is the worldwide first expanded TPU (E-TPU). This new material is flexible like rubber, elastic and light as a feather. It combines the characteristics of TPU with the advantages of particle foams, standing out by low density, high elasticity, perfect resilience, high abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, long-term loading capacity and excellent tensile strength in a wide temperature range.


With the Kurtz ENERGY FOAMER we have developed a machine especially for this material that produces revolutionary products for a Global Player for the whole world market.