Permanent Innovation since 1779

The base for innovation is experience and history - since 1779 we launched several decisive technical innovations in close cooperation with our customers.

Founded as iron hammer works in 1779 in Hasloch in Spessart, the Kurtz Ersa Corporation has developed into an internationally operating group. Today, we are technological or world market leaders in many fields. Since more than 240 years the company time and again realizes important technical innovations that arise from long-time customer relations between partners.


Our Tradition - yesterday, today, tomorrow

Already in the distant past, the company’s products were known for their quality and performance far beyond the Spessart Mountains. Innovation was, already during the 18th century, the driving force for the success of the still young company.


With a continuous process of change, pursued over many years and many decades, the company always succeeded to adapt its products to the demands of the market. Through this ability, Kurtz Ersa became in many fields the technology and world market leader - and today many experienced engineers and technicians work on the topic of innovations which will further improve the customer’s production processes. For this, they can draw on the wealth of experience accumulated during the company’s history. In this way our tradition continues to live - today and tomorrow!


235 years of company and industrial history - from the iron hammer to the Global Player of today: get information online now.